As Fish Feeder has been designed for innovative fish farming, featuring an aluminum feed box with a stainless steel feed pendulum for the fish.

The feeder is available in three different sizes:

As Fish Feeder 400 kg.

As Fish Feeder 2x50 kg.

As Fish Feeder 4x50 kg.

Equipped with welded lifting brackets, it is easy to move from one basin to another. The lid is effortlessly supported by shock absorbers.

The robust pendulum on the AS Feeder 400 is specifically designed for challenging conditions, such as Trout farming, but it is also highly effective for shrimp. The pendulum on the As Fish Feeder 2x50 and 4x50 is less powerful, making it suitable for smaller fish and fry.

The Twin Fish Feeder has been developed to simultaneously feed two ponds. It can be positioned on the concrete wall between the basins.