My name is Christian, and I deliver robust welded products to businesses in need of reliable items tailored to specific requirements.

I am an independent enthusiast with a strong work ethic, evident in the quality and detail of my welded products. The products I weld are integral to customer installations, and timely delivery is crucial. Ensuring that the delivered product is of the highest quality is a given!

Drawing on my experience since 2010 in the metal industry, including 4 years as a certified welder, I bring expertise to my daily forging work. Over the years, I have primarily welded to meet the standards of Siemens and Lego, so I confidently guarantee consistently high levels of quality. Additionally, I have worked as a contract worker at Europe's two largest refineries, handling numerous and diverse welding tasks. In other words, I have specialized in welding under the strictest requirements.

Originally trained as a farmer, I later ran a machinery station for a few years. It was there that I learned to work independently and developed solid technical skills in machinery and equipment. This expertise becomes evident when tackling new welding tasks within a short timeframe.

There's a perfect score on my diploma, of which I am extremely proud. Furthermore, I have a broad network of skilled collaborators, particularly in laser cutting and CNC machining.

However, I manage the majority of welding tasks from start to finish myself—ensuring short communication lines, quick processing, and personal handling—all contributing to the final product's quality and, importantly, the price.

When you order a product from Andersen's Steel Company, you can expect a versatile partner who delivers high quality at competitive prices and, above all, stays current with industry developments.

For instance, I am now proficient in plastic welding, as it is an economical and sturdy method of manufacturing items—something that customers requested. Hence, I took the initiative to learn plastic welding as well.

Whether you need plastic welding, regular welding, bending, rolling, or something entirely different, feel free to contact me, and you'll receive a non-binding estimate promptly.