Rolling of Steel

Rolling refers to the process of making a metal plate or sheet round, which is particularly useful, for example, when creating drinking troughs for animals.

Utilizing our profile rolling machines, we can also create bend radii on metal tubes, ensuring that the rolled item attains the exact diameter required.

One significant advantage of rolling is the production of a completely smooth tube, making it a commonly used method for constructing features like railings on terraces or staircases.

During rolling, the workpiece is fed into the rolling machine, where the desired form is set, and three or more rotating rollers shape the item to achieve the desired form.

Working with tubes, metal sheets, and the rolling process can be highly technical and challenging. If you're unsure about how to achieve the best results for your project, feel free to visit our workshop or contact us at 22 39 90 25We'll provide our professional assessment, assist with material selection, tube sizes, bend radii, and ensure the final result meets your expectations.

At Andersen's Steel Company, we also offer PE welding, aluminum welding, bending and rolling of plates. Plate rolling is applied to sheet metal that needs to be rounded like tubes or simply have a rounded profile.

Rolling of both stainless and wrought iron

Our workshop can handle the rolling of both stainless and wrought iron. We have dedicated rolling machines for each type of metal, as it is crucial not to use the same machine for both.

When rolling wrought iron, it may leave microscopic iron dust. If followed by rolling stainless steel, the iron dust can settle on the stainless steel, potentially leading to rusting.

Rolling machines for all types of rolling

To accommodate the diverse needs of our customers, we have multiple rolling machines, ensuring that we can handle various rolling tasks.

- We have a stainless rolling machine capable of handling items up to 1500×6.5mm. It draws on all three rollers, ensuring a high-quality finish.

- For tube profiles, we have a Zopf 1119r profile rolling machine with POM wheels, primarily used for rolling tubes of different dimensions.

- For wrought iron, we have a Kumla/Backteman 1000×5 rolling machine.

- Additionally, we have a small plumbing rolling machine for thin sheet metal items.

If you're unsure about how your project should be welded or if it needs rolling, contact us for a non-binding offer on your task. 22 39 90